I was born in 1979 in Targovishte, Bulgaria.

People know me by the name of Nasimo or by my spiritual name Kardami Kapila Das. 

My real name is Stanislav Trifonov.

I started to practice street art and graffiti vandalism in 1995.


Few years later my style evolved into legal muralism and in parallel I started to explore acrylic and oil studio painting and did a master degree in Fine Arts.

Then Krishna consciousness came into my life and took a big place in it, so I naturally started to paint on topics relating to the Vedic culture and philosophy.


I have painted murals at several large temples in India, as well as at places like Bhaktivendanta Manor and Krishna Avanti School in England and Yoga Vidya in Germany where I was invited to paint the biggest Bhakti mural in the world. 


Today I have over a hundred of murals painted as Nasimo and Kardami in different countries and six solo exhibitions in Bulgaria, United Kingdom and Canada.


In order to keep my work consistent I have exposed my portfolio at separate social pages and websites. collects at one place my finest work celebrating Krishna consciousness, the spiritual teaching I am following.

This direction of my art is a very special for me part from my life and I invest a lot from myself into it. 


To get know more about me I invite you to read this Article.


Professional education: 


1998-2003 – ‘Fine Arts’, ‘Saints Cyril and Methodius’ University of Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria




2009 – ‘Scratching Instinct’- Gallery 1908 , Sofia, Bulgaria

2009 – ‘Scratching Instinct’ – The Fall Gallery, Vancouver BC, Canada

2010 – ‘Lov You’- 5 Open Art Space Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2010 – ‘East meet East’- Forman’s Smokehouse Gallery, London, England

2011 – ‘V.I.T.R.I.O.L.’- Gallery 1908 , Sofia, Bulgaria

2013 – ‘The Source’ – Gallery 1908, Sofia, Bulgaria

2016 – ‘There is a Light’ – Urban Creatures, IEC, Sofia , Bulgaria

2018 – ‘There is a Light’ – European night of Museums and Galleries, Varna, Bulgaria

2019 – ’28 European Stars’ – Go Gallery – Amsterdam, Netherlands (part.)

2019 – ‘Life is a Study’ Fine Graff Art Exhibition + ’25 Years of Nasimo: Sketchbook’ Release

2020 – ‘A Window to Childhood’, National Gallery, Bulgaria (part.)




2016 ‘Enlightener of the Walls’ by Bulgarian National Television and FM+ Radio

2018 – Contribution towards Culture in category of ‘Fine Arts’ by Municipal of Targovishte


2007 – Graffiti art book “Napalm Graffix” 

2014 – ‘A Graffiti of Cats’

2019 – ’25 Years of Nasimo: Sketchbook’







Kardami Kapila Das